Perspective is everything – your perspective frames how you see the world. I continually try to expand my world view and am fascinated by different languages and culture. My curiosity keeps me motivated to seek my next adventure and take more photographs.


My artwork often captures transitional spaces; a Moroccan doorway, a French gate, and a Spanish staircase are among my most treasured pieces. When people look at my photographs I want to show them the personality or a unique aspect of a place or time.


I started taking photos during my first trip abroad to Spain in 2010 and continued throughout my undergrad and graduate education. People would come into my house, motion to my walls and say, “where did you buy that photo?!” This statement invigorated me to take my art more seriously. This past year, I made the time to create my photography company, Framed Perspective.


I love listening to what others see in my photos. I am continually surprised by just how different, creative and expansive people’s perspectives of an image are. My photos are rarely edited, what you see is what was captured at the moment in time. How do you frame your world?

All images presented are originals and copyrighted by their owner Laurel Draine. It is illegal to use any of the materials without the written permission of the copyright holder. None of the images are creative commons. Copyright © 2017 Framed Perspective – All Rights Reserved.